It started at the end of July, I went to lunch with a colleague during work hours. About 5 minutes later, I began to feel uncomfortable, I told my colleague about it but he played it down citing that I was just fine about 5 minutes ago eating McDonald’s. Couple hours later, I was in the ER and the last thing I remembered was filling out the admission form.

I was diagnosed with a disease called ARDS which has only 15% chance of survival. For the next 3 months, I struggled with live and death. With several tubes going in and out of me, and falling in and out of consciousness, the doctors began to manage me instead of treat the disease. They essentially were waiting for time to pass. Despite the failed lungs, liver and kidney, JEHOVAH-RAPHA healed me and delivered me from the jaws of death. I wouldn’t have been able to make it back form the dead without the prayers of my church family. I felt every single prayer made on my behalf to the sovereign one. I am extremely thankful to God for reversing the plans of the evil one over my life. He has once again proved Himself faithful by backing His word that no one dies under age 70 at Kingdom Ambassadors Christian Center. Praise the Lord! – A.O

I messed up at the phone interview and had to call the company not to hire me but the HR insisted that I was their pick because they like me. Meanwhile, the word of the Lord came to me in Church the previous Sunday that “somebody will get a job after a phone interview because the hiring officer will like his voice which my wife claimed for me”. I now have this high paying job in the IT industry to the glory of God. – Phil

My 40 year old sister has been married for 14 years without a child. I came out to stand in for her while my cloth was anointed. I mailed it to her the following day. Nine months later, she gave birth to a set of twins. She used the cloth again the second time, and she is expecting another set of twins. God is too gracious. – Mrs. A

The man of God laid hand on me after which he pronounced a prophetic word. “…You will experience an unusual, tangible favor of God within the next 4 months…” It came to pass exactly the way he said it. Not only did I enjoy favor at work and in my private business, but I proposed to a beautiful, Godly sister who loves the Lord and we are now happily married after two months of courtship. In fact, I have changed my name to FAVOR. Glory be to God. – S.W

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