Lil Ambassadors (Children’s Ministry)

Lil Ambassadors is the children ministry arm of KACC. This ministry caters to children between the ages of 1 and 12. The purpose of the Children’s Ministry is to transform children into mighty ambassadors of God’s kingdom. Our lil’ Ambassadors Academy offers an innovative curriculum tailor-made for each age group. Our dedicated and well-trained teachers deliver sound biblical teachings in a manner that children can relate to and understand. They are taught how to worship God, minister to others and set an example of leadership and excellence at home, in school and in the community.

We know that children respond to positive mentoring relationships and fun, hands-on learning. Therefore, we encourage them to participate in church organized activities and exhibit their God-given talents through dance, drama, singing, and sports.

We offer regular outings for the children to aid in their overall spiritual and personal development. Outings include trips to the White House, museum, camp, weekend retreats, movie and theater events, sports activities, etc. Children also participate in community related work as a way of sharing the love and message of Jesus to other children, giving them hope and joy.

Parents are very much a part of the children’s ministry as they volunteer from time to time to teach Sunday school and chaperone for outings. There are numerous opportunities for children and parents of diverse backgrounds to get involved and we gladly welcome your little ones.

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