Moving In the Direction of a Prophetic Declaration

When nations, people, families or individuals are in any crisis or distress, be it economic depression (famine) curses or sickness, God would usually raise prophets from among the same people suffering through these turmoils. Isn’t that amazing?

These prophets are usually ordinary people that have simply been chosen for whatever reason known to God Himself. They are usually not perfect, may not be eloquent, and may not be physically attractive or even educated.

This is not to imply that these seemingly human inadequacies are what qualify them but to say that God still calls them in spite of them. The only thing that qualifies a person in the service of God is GRACE. In fact, God does not call those who think they are qualified but He qualifies the chosen. I Cor. 1: 25-30.

The prophet shows up with God’s word and power in the middle of the crisis, distress, pain or adversity and he begins to declare the word of the Lord as He is moved by the Holy Spirit for those who dare to believe.

When you believe what a true prophet of God is declaring over your life, then God begins to re-arrange certain things in the universe that would bring the physical reality or manifestation of what he has said. Let me make an audacious, bold statement here that a prophet in the context of this article is not the spooky, phony person who claims to see everything about your life. No true prophet is supposed to know everything about your life or else you become a zombie who can not think for himself anymore. That would be unfair on you. That’s not God.

A true prophet could be your pastor. In fact, your number one prophet is your pastor and every other thing that any other man of God or guest speaker has to say to you should be a confirmation of what your “in-house prophet” has been saying.

There are two main channels of prophetic declarations.

The prophetic utterance: This is basically what a man of God declares as he is moved by the Holy Spirit for that moment. A classical example of this is found in II Kings 7: 1- End. The story is told of a nation in economic distress or depression. Prophet Elisha shows up and declares under God’s unction the word of the Lord that miraculously turns the nation’s economic situation around for good within 24 hours.

The good news is that God has raised prophets all around the nations of the earth today to declare over their nations and the other nations of the earth His words that would bring national turn around in every facet of life.

The other channel God uses to make His will known to mankind is His revealed word.

God could speak directly to you from what the preacher or your pastor is saying. This happens when a particular word in the Bible becomes a personal revelation to you. Whether God is talking to you directly through a prophetic declaration or through His revealed word, it is still your responsibility to do the following.

  1. Take a step of faith and declare with your mouth whatever you believe God for by aligning yourself with what your prophet/pastor is saying or what the word is saying.
  2. Take another step of faith by taking action in the direction of the prophetic declaration. For instance, if your pastor says “I declare you healthy throughout 2010,” it is your responsibility to eat healthy food, work out at the gym, take proper rest, etc.

B. If a prophetic word has to do with financial blessings, you need to take actions in that direction by updating your resume, start a business, consider doing something you are passionate about, etc.

  1. Share your testimonies every step of the way to show your appreciation. It is interesting to know that everyone that benefited from the wonder-working power of Jesus Christ came back to testify except for nine lepers who were only healed but missed an opportunity to be made whole because of an ungrateful heart.

I don’t know about you, I prefer wholeness to healing, because in being made whole, I have restoration, joy, abundance, life, vitality and the fullness of the grace of God.

The central core point of this piece is NO PROPHETIC DECLARATION COMES TO PASS ON ITS OWN. God would always give His prophet words to declare, and the Holy Spirit would always quicken God’s word in your heart but it is always going to be your responsibility to move in the direction of a prophetic declaration.

This is your year of Effective Empowerment to do Exploits of faith. It is your year of different levels of grace. 2010 is your year of favor and restoration. It is your year of extemporaneous quickening of the Holy Spirit to do the right things that would move you closer to your destiny and purpose.

Remember you are a prodigy. Be EMPOWERED!

This article can also be found in “Light Of The World” Magazine.


It is not uncommon to see people of all ages, background, color and sex actively getting involved in what is popularly referred to as NEW YEAR RESOLUTION. People vow, pray and even fast because they want to change many bad habits.

While it is a good feeling to write down and pray over your goals for 2010, it is very imperative for me to give you a few pieces of advice that have proven to be effective over the years.

Before I go into the details of this article, for the sake of a didactic analysis, I would like to discuss the contextual meaning of “goal-setting”. Goal-setting is a combination of two words that can stand on their own which makes it a compound word but has been hyphenated.

A “goal” is the result of achievement toward which effort is directed or aimed at, whereas “setting” means to put something in a particular place or to put things in perspective.

Therefore, “goal-setting” is putting your desired achievements or results of your effort in place or perspective.

Setting Goals can be very powerful and could produce a very effective life especially when such goals or vision are in line with God’s will. God even encourages us to set or write goals. Habakkuk 2: 1-4. This is because a life without a definite focused goal is headed for the wrong direction.

Vision or goal gives you direction in life. It simplifies your life. It removes encumbrances and other distractions and frees your life from clumsiness.

Back to my new year advice, as powerful and as necessary as goals can be, they should not be what you talk about without putting action behind your words. You must put a consistent, corresponding action into what you are saying.

Your action must be where your mouth is. One of Isaac Newton’s laws of motion states “everything continues in its state of rest until a force is applied.” I believe that force is doing on purpose things that would bring you towards your goals. You must be deliberate and intentional about them.

Forbes magazine conducted a study on WHY CEOs FAIL and the conclusion was that “vision was not the culprit, what they lack is execution” That is powerful.

Your goal or vision must metamorphose from a SHOULD DO mentality to a MUST DO mentality. Apostle Paul was so emphatic that he put himself under “pressure” as it were when he declared “…woe unto me, if I preach not the gospel” It is like saying I have no alternatives, I must do it.

It is very common to see many well-meaning Christians faithfully participating in the fasting and prayer declared by their churches at this time of the year which is powerful but what is more important is to do something about your goals.

The point is doing what you are supposed to do with God’s help is what brings breakthroughs. God will never do what you should do. For example, when God provides you food and the appetite to eat, it is your responsibility to do the eating. He wants you to participate. That gives Him the glory and fulfillment. He is not raising zombies and robots. He has made you a co-creator. Putting action behind our words has always been one of the major challenges in every generation especially these days. Active commitment to your vision is what separates the men from the boys. Jesus Christ, out best and perfect example demonstrated this trait throughout His earthly ministry. See John 5:17, 9:4,17:4, Acts 1:1.

I challenge you to not allow slothfulness or procrastination rob you of your colorful destiny in God. Your vision could be to change the whole world and you have said it many times. We believe you and we agree with you but changing the world begins with you. The only place to begin is where you are and the only time you can begin is now.

Please consider the following admonitions.

–  Take massive actions towards your goals to create massive results. Read books, journals, magazines and listen to CDs that are relevant to where you are going.

Do not be one of those who brag about the number of books they have in their libraries that they never read.

–  Don’t do the blame game this year, It saps energy, it will drain you of your vitality and you need all your God-given energy to fulfill your God-ordered purpose.

It is natural for humans to look for somebody or something to blame. Don’t blame your pastor, his wife, your parents, your boss or your friends. If you have been hurt by them, tell them or better still ask for God’s grace to forgive them and move on after-all, you have hurt people too. The point is you are a world changer and world changers are not petty.

–  Prayerfully believe God for an accountability partner who loves and respects you enough to tell you the truth in love. Studies show that human beings by nature will always perform to their maximum capacity per time on any given task when they are supervised. There is always the sense of not wanting to disappoint someone you respect. A lot of people will always do well in life as long as they are accountable to other people they respect or admire. The truth is, only few people can lead themselves effectively. Your accountability partner could be a trusted friend, father, mother or your pastor. Share your goals with them and give them the permission to challenge you when you are slacking. For example, your goal could be to start your own business, lose weight, read certain chapters of the bible per day or simply refuse to gossip this year. Whatever your goals are, you need to be accountable to somebody that you trust.

For instance, we have accountability within our pastoral staff on issues regarding health, morals and family. Every week, our pastors are required to remind one another and insist on their partners working out because we believe in the need to stay healthy by being fit in addition to faith in God for sound health. Good health allows you to do what God has called you to do effectively. More importantly, be accountable to your Heavenly Father.

–   Another advice that could help you achieve your goal is listening to your pastor and supporting the work of the ministry under his leadership with your best. Your time, resources, finances, prayer and positive words towards your pastor, his family and your church family would always be appreciated by your Heavenly Father.

The anointing on your pastor’s life is like a double-edged sword, it can bless (empower you to prosper) if you respect it but it can also be dangerous if you persecute (directly or indirectly) a truly anointed man or woman of God. Granted that you may have been offended one way or the other, but the truth is no genuine man or woman of God will deliberately want to hurt you.

Your pastor loves you, he cares about you. Listen to God’s word in his mouth, believe in him (2 chronicles 20:20) and if you perceive anything that you think is not right in the ministry, believe God to right the wrong perhaps God, like Esther has brought you into the Kingdom for such a time as this.

The grace of God upon your man or woman of God if properly tapped into could make a difference between talking about your goals and achieving them.

Success in your goals becomes a whole lot easier when your prophet or man of God constantly releases anointed words over your life. “And the elders of the Jews builded, and they prospered through the prophesying of Haggai the prophet and Zechariah the son of Iddo…”Ezra 6:14.

I challenge you and double dare you to register that business this year, start working out now, cut off those unhealthy foods now Say “I love you” to your spouse now. Pick up your bible and read now. Give that tithes and offering to your church today. Start attending weekly Bible study this week. Propose to that Godly lady that you are sure is God’s will for your life this year. Pick that book and finish it this month. Read a book a month and celebrate yourself after the last chapter of each book. Take a step of faith towards whatever your purpose is this week. Go for the gusto, go for the jugular of your goals, go for your destiny in God. God believes in you. I believe in you, you can do it. Let’s do it together in Jesus mighty name.

Remember you are a PRODIGY!

My heart felt charge for you this year is BE Empowered for Exploits of Faith in 2010.

This article can also be found in “Light Of The World” Magazine.


First and foremost, I would like to sincerely give all the glory to our heavenly father, the Almighty God for His amazing grace that equips us for everything we do. I also want to seize this moment to appreciate the editorial board of this life transforming newspaper led by the indefatigable, charismatic publisher and editor-in-chief, Pastor Julius Ogunaiya for inviting me to be a columnist. Your eagle-eye, visionary leadership is very contagious and commendable.

The word prodigy which aptly describes this column is an all-encompassing, positive word which defines a person as having extraordinary talent or ability. It is a generous display of marvelous example or wonderful acts.

A prodigy is one who has been endowed with unique, peculiar, life changing qualities that separate him from the crowd. He is laser focused on his God-given assignment without wavering. He challenges human, retrogressive traditions and boloney that are anti-progress because he is an iconoclast on a vanguard to destroy negative status quo that only hold people in bondage.

Every article that I would post on this column would strive to address everything that a prodigy represents. This means that reading this column from time to time would damage mediocre, complacency and apathy. It will birth a new you and an inner revolutionary movement that would set you and other people around you ablaze to do whatever God has called you to do which is the real purpose of life. I am passionate about this because the purpose of life is a life of purpose.

The title of this article “Anointed for the throne” captures the whole essence of yearnings of all humans regardless of race, color, sex or religion. The desire to be in control of situations rather than being controlled by them is pervasive. God put it in you and it will be there for ever because it is God’s instinct. He said “…subdue…” God’s intent and purpose was for us to rule the earth on His behalf, and because there cannot be two kings at the same time on the same territory, He created another territory called the earth for us to reign in our different spheres of influence i.e. music, ministry, sports, movies, politics, different professions, business works e.t.c.

The only ageless problem between you and your throne has always been a “giant” called Goliath”

Goliath, in this context is representative of yokes, burdens or anything that is harassing you or intimidating you. Isaiah 10:27 says burdens are removed and yokes are destroyed because of the anointing.

The anointing could therefore be defined as the burden-removing, yoke-destroying power of God.

God’s power over a man’s life would always attract the particular burden and yokes it has been assigned to deal with. Essentially, the anointing or power of the Holy Spirit is the supernatural ability of God upon somebody to do what is naturally difficult. It is grace, blessing, God’s favor, God’s empowerment.

However, God would hardly do anything significant on the earth for anyone without connecting that individual to a helper of destiny. (Hosea 12:13, II Chronicles 20:20) Your divine connection to agents of change (prophets) is what guarantees sweat-less victory. It’s like riding on the wings of grace. In 1 Samuel 16, the story is told of how Prophet Samuel was instructed by God to anoint David.

Every David needs a Samuel. Your Samuel is the one who is strategically positioned for the birthing of your destiny. Missing him could be a sacrifice of destiny.

Your Samuel could be your older brother, your pastor, your professor, an author/writer or simply another Christian brother or sister.

He is the one God uses to mid-wife your next level. You have to be spiritually discerning because he may not even look like it.

He is the one God uses to answer the many unverbalised, unanswered questions on your mind when you are confined to the desert of life where you feel lonely or abandoned.

Your Samuel represents the voice of God which seems to be saying “I will not forsake you nor leave you”.

His connection with you signals a new era and the death of an old order. Saul, who represents the old order is history and a new one is about to begin. You have to be careful with him because he is extremely, divinely strategic in your life and destiny.

From the story of David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17, we see the following principles.


  1. The size of the burden you face is equivalent to your calling. Your exam, test or temptation in life potentially reveals your aptitude and your level.
  2. The size of the yoke you break determines the size and the quality of the rewards you get.
  3. This may be a rude shock; usually your worth is the size of the problem you are solving per time. The rewards you get in life are proportionate to the service or product you offer. For instance, an LPN should not expect a doctor’s rate. However, God’s grace on your skill makes you receive more than you are worth naturally.
  4. You need to maximize every moment by preparing and acquiring every necessary skill in your calling before the opportunities show up.

It has be been said that when opportunity meets preparation, explosive success is inevitable. You need to be up-to-date in the acquisition of relevant skills to meet up with changing times. I totally agree with Abraham Lincoln when he said “The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present.”

I strongly believe that what is happening economically in the world today is a historic, global convergence of unusual opportunities and open doors.

Other people’s crisis are other people’s opportunities. That is the way the global economy has been structured. Everybody is supposed to pay for their ignorance one way or the other. If everyone knows how to fix their cars, mechanics will be broke. People’s health crisis is competent doctors’ opportunity. Other people’s legal challenges are good lawyers’ delight. If everybody is happy, comedians would be unnecessary. As long as there are people who have family issues, who want to know God at a higher level are around, genuine pastors and ministers would forever be relevant. The list goes on.

What is happening today is simply a perfect storm for creative, deliberate, intelligent, covenant minded individuals. Historically, recessions come and go. It happened many times in the bible. Abraham went through famine; Isaac did, so did Jacob and Joseph. It is not new. What we do with it is more important than recession itself.

Interestingly, 16 of the DOW companies were started during past recessions. These companies include the famous McDonalds, Procter and Gamble, Johnson and Johnson, Disney and General Electric. Today, they are giants in their various industries. The global challenge is creating rooms for the new kings of the kingdom to be crowned within the next few months or years.

The economic downturn has created new problems waiting for the Davids of our generation to solve and be rewarded in the process. The plain field has been leveled, the poor of this generation have no excuse because for the first time in human history both the rich and the poor have access to the same information through the internet.

You can become that 800 pound gorilla that will take out Goliath that is standing between you and your throne because you have been anointed to do exactly just that.

Until next time, remember you are a kingdom prodigy.

-Pastor Sam Ore is an author, an empowerment and leadership consultant. He is also the Senior Pastor of Kingdom Ambassadors Christian Center.

This article can also be found in “Light Of The World” Magazine.

Kingdom Ambassadors Chrisitan Center. 2017