Reverend Sam Ore – Senior Pastor
Pastor Sam Ore also referred to by his friends and admirers as The Apostle Of Grace has been involved in active ministry for three decades. He pioneered, planted and grew many campus fellowships and churches for the Redeemed Christian Church of God, his former pastorate.

He and his wife Debby, who is also an ordained pastor founded Kingdom Ambassadors Christian Center, Largo, Maryland in 2002 after many encounters with God Who said among other things”…go and call America back to the God of the Bible…”Pastor Ore’s core vision in life is to help other people fulfill theirs. Even though he embodies a unique blend of different gifts and talents which he uses to empower people with miracles, signs and wonders following, his overriding passion is to spread the message of God’s Grace and Miracles through different media across the nations of the earth.

Pastor Sam Ore strongly believes that legalism which is essentially a focus on oneself instead of Jesus Christ and His finished work is not only dangerous, hypocritical, and childish but a fruitless journey to a dead end culdesac. His major objective in his teachings and preachings is to expose the hopelessness of dead works by unpacking the reality of God’s eternal, irrevocable love. He believes that when people understand how much God loves them, they are changed from the inside out to live holy. His 4th grade example is: No normal man will intentionally hurt someone that truly cares about him.

He is a versatile reader and the prolific author of the #6 Amazon best seller PURPOSE REDEFINED: Leveraging Your Core Intelligence For Global Impact. Pastor Sam Ore is happily married to Debby, his beautiful wife and they are blessed with four Godly children. They live in Maryland. USA.

Pastor Debby Ore – Senior Pastor
Pastor Debby Ore is the co founder and Senior pastor at Kingdom Ambassadors Christian Center who has been involved in ministry for more than 25 years. Although she is an anointed preacher who also moves in the prophetic and the miraculous as God wills, her consuming vision in life is to help the helpless and give hope to the hopeless. Her scriptural philosophy is: A true relationship with Christ ought to be translated into a Godly, practical lifestyle with the evidence of the fruit of the Spirit.

By the grace of God, she has been used by God to feed the hungry, cloth the naked, provide accommodations for the homeless, give scholarships to poor students etc. Recently, she and her husband with Sam Ore Ministries Team in Africa massively supported a motherless babies home in Nigeria. Her three major areas of utmost fulfillment in life are: seeing her husband happy and covered with her prayers so he could fulfill his global,Apostolic mandate. Raising her children in a Godly atmosphere and helping other people solve emotional and relationship issues within her God given ability.

To pastor Debby, ministry should not just be mere cliche but practically transforming by focusing on Jesus Christ and His grace alone. She has been happily married to her only love, Sam Ore for almost 22 years and they are just getting started. She travels with him when her schedules permit. Pastor Debby is the mother of four graceful children. They all live Maryland, USA.

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