A12 Vision


Upon our arrival in the United States on May 5th, 2002, my wife and I started waiting on God for the next instruction on how the ministry would be run.

While waiting for the blue print, I got involved with an intensive itinerary ministry for the first couple of weeks across the country from coast to coast. However, something happened that would change the course of my thinking patterns for life.

In my hotel room, while preparing to preach in a church in Chicago, IL the Holy Spirit engaged me in a simple but serious discussion about God’s mission for us in the States.
He started the discussion with a question “what are you doing here?”

“preaching” I responded.

“When are you going to start the church?”

“I want to save enough money from my preaching engagements so that we can buy good musical equipment, rent a decent place of worship, pay our staff etc, because I can not start church from scratch again at my ‘level’ having pastored a big church and having been a national figure in ministry in my country”

“If I provide you with $1 million today, would you start the church” He asked

“Yes” I responded.

The last thing He said after that serious discussion was “when did you start putting the availability of funds as the premise for obeying my instructions?” of course I got the message and the rest is history.

I immediately called my wife, who was in another state with the children and told her we are starting the church immediately. After explaining my encounter with God to her she agreed. I cancelled my other itinerary preaching engagements and we stated the church in our apartment with about 12 people including visitors.

We began to research into church history. I personally studied a project done by a Four Square Gospel Church pastor which comprises methods used by over 1,000 churches worldwide to grow their churches. I also spent hours, days, months studying other materials and of course the number one book, the HOLY BIBLE.

I learned so many valuable lessons from the research but I was not fully satisfied until one day, in my fellowship with the Holy Spirit, I asked “Please show me how Jesus would pastor a church in DC metropolitan if He was to start a church”. The answer was simple, straightforward, profound but very loving, gentle and compassionate “Do it exactly like Jesus did it”. I said “how”. “Study it in the 4 gospels and go through Acts of the Apostles and be one of those who would write the last chapter of the book of Acts”

The result of this unique encounter among many others is what gave birth to the vision of this ministry. “Raising Influential Godly Leaders who will be able to do the same thing for others through the demonstration of the power of God and the preaching of the word of faith”.

The model Jesus showed me is this: raise people, disciple them, duplicate them and release them into the world. That was even before I got to know anything about the G12 concept.
God in His infinite mercy has allowed me to be brought into contact with men and women of similar passions in the last few years who continually reinforce and confirm what the Lord has been speaking to me. It is our belief that this concept of the Home church that has assumed different names i.e. cell fellowship, house fellowship, G12 would change your personal life that of your family for life.

THE VISION: Raising Influential Godly Leaders who would do the same thing with other people through the power of God and the teaching and the preaching of the word of faith.

THE MISSION: In the context of the Home Church, raise and pastor the church exactly like Jesus would do it in the DC metroplex.

For now until we have a more appropriate name, the home church shall be called the 12 Ambassadors or simply put 12 As.

• Raise men and women with Kingdom Principles and values who would duplicate those values in others.
• We are taking ever useful information from the various methods of church growth available, merge them with our own innovations and more importantly the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church.
• A few church growth methods are taken from leaders of Evangelicals, Pentecostals, Pentecostal Charismatics and Contemporary Church growth movement such as G12.
• These concepts would be adopted to our peculiar vision and environment as God leads us.

The vision is a cell-church discipleship strategy. The teachings are to be based on Jesus Christ’s values, character, the teaching of the word, prayer and fasting. Every member shall be accountable to the teachings of the bible as the final authority.
There shall be an initial group of 12 people that would be discipled with the values and teachings of Christ who would do the same with their own 12 people in home or community settings. 12 people would mentor/disciple 12 other people and so on until they become 144.


1. There are 12 tribes of Israel
2. There are 12 disciples – Mark 3:14
3. There are 12 Apostles – Acts 1:26
Without going through unnecessary, confusing numerology, it is clear from the 3 references above that 12 is a number of government or leadership which is what KACC has been called to do.

Kingdom Ambassadors Chrisitan Center. 2017